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All famous people have one thing in common!

Dedicated to all those who share my fear

There are many types of famous people. Beautiful and famous, ugly and famous,  kind and famous, evil and famous. Young and Old, happy and sad, talented and even some very untalented individuals who are famous!!!

But they all have one thing in common!

When I use the word ‘famous’ I don’t necessarily mean a ‘celebrity’ but rather someone with influence and power in a certain circle. This person might not be recognized on the street, but his or her name is very known in a certain world. For one man, influencing 500 people daily can seem a lot and to some influencing 200,000 people daily, was last years story. whether your circle of influence is small, or whether every second person in the world knows who you are,  If you are famous in any circle you have it too!

There is one thing that is in common to all the famous people –  

They are comfortable with exposure. Which means they are comfortable with criticism and bad reviews. Another way of saying it –They don’t care what people think of them! ok, maybe some still care what people think of them, but if they care too much, they might be crippled by that.

You might picture someone famous you admire and think, ‘this person gets so much love, what is Noa talking about? All this love each day is so great’. I think that of John Lennon. He was loved by millions, throughout generations, my grandkids will most likely know John Lennon, I just picture those images of girls screaming and fainting as the Beatles played on stage. it is must be wonderful to be him and to receive such validation of your talent, of your path. And then I remember, even beloved JL was actually murdered for what he did and believed in. Lennon’s killer represents many who didn’t like him and didn’t believe in his message.

Name anyone you want and think for yourself, as much as people love this person, many also feel the opposite. Madonna, Mark Zuckerberg, Justin Bieber, Donald Trump, David Bowie anyone you might name. If your message is about kindness – many will oppose you for being too weak If your message is about progress – many will oppose you for neglecting traditions If your message is about ecology – many will oppose you for shaking the global economic structure… And the list goes on.

Most people can not handle anyone judging their way or criticizing their work, they are not comfortable with expressing a strong opinion, fear of rejection immediately rise and cripple them. Can you imagine being Madonna?! Receiving so many judgments on a daily basis!  Most people will not take action even when they know it’s the right action, because why shake the boat and risk my status quo.  But the ones who can handle exposure, can reach out and touch the many. How can we reach strangers if we are afraid what will they say about us?

If you are struggling with fear of exposure, I dedicate this post to you, as I am one of you 🙂 I had a long journey with this issue, I was lucky to have many lessons, ones that taught me to stop giving attention to what people think of me and so became stronger than I used to be, it’s now easier to share my inside world. I am not there yet and the reason I chose this as one of the first topics of my blog, is to encourage myself and remind myself what I’m scared of and to try and reach to those with the same challenge. Allow me to share some tips that helped me along this way.

HOW TO GET PAST THE FEAR OF EXPOSURE   and just do what you are meant to do.

  1. Come to serve others and not yourself.  Each time this fear rise in me I tell myself – ‘ this is not about you and no one cares if you are afraid. If you believe you have something good for someone, do it for them’
  2. Picture yourself in old age. This image helps me get lighter and less serious about myself, a lightness that old people often seem to have. That image makes me feel like my fears are a long gone juvenile non-sense and all that is matter is to speak my mind and do my thing. And what would the old me will think about the young me, if fear made me silent and non-active?!?!
  3. Identify the ones who help you feel comfortably exposed. And ask for their validation when it’s needed. If you wake me in my sleep and ask me who are these people in my life, I will be able to answer in seconds! These friends are so helpful when doubt arises in me, their support and understanding of what it is I want to share is the wind beneath my wings (I love you, sisters)
  4. Don’t get excited about the good reviews either.  This is ‘I don’t care what people think of me’ in the purest form. The less I care about admiration and praise, even less I will care about bad reviews and criticism. It happens naturally and automatically. So when you get a good feedback, enjoy it with humility and keep up the good work, don’t find yourself thinking about it again and again, because it only raises the ego, who is later scared of bad feedback.  In fact, this is the strongest tool I have when I am trying to get over it and be exposed.

It doesn’t matter how easy it will be for me in the future to be totally open, I will always remember what it feels like, to post something and then immediately erase it, to say something powerful and then wonder who will I turn off by saying so.

Also, no matter what happens I am still a private person, my home sanctuary is very secluded and my privacy is important to me. Decide for yourself what is only for your close circle, but whatever your gifts are, please share it with the rest of us and enjoy the kind of fame you are meant to have.

and to all of you out there that are already comfortable with exposure, I truly admire you for that and want to learn from you! please teach me how you do it!!!

Love and thank you for all the people who ever helped and helping me with my own fear of exposure.

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