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Transforming Jealousy to Inspiration

Jealousy and inspiration are 2 sides of the same coin. In both cases we are strongly affected by someone else’s ‘have’, ‘do’ and ‘be’. One expresses it in a positive way, the other in a negative way.

It seems to me that the differentiation between the 2 ways lays in the belief whether I can have, do or be the same, or can’t.

Jealousy is natural and bound to occur in everyone’s life, but it is by far one of the most uncomfortable feelings I’ve ever felt, the person we have these feeling towards, is getting so much of our energy, sometimes without even knowing it.  it consumes our mind so much, often we think about that person more than we think of our loved ones.

I wanted to learn from it and find a way to turn all this energy, from destructive to constructive and productive

I found for myself that there is a way to always stay on the positive side of the coin and that’s what I’d like to share with you in this post.

Did you notice that we are almost ALWAYS jealous of a person of the same sex as us?!?!

Isn’t that interesting?! To be exact there are some cases when we are jealous of the opposite sex, but these cases are almost always jealousy between siblings, in regards to parents attention.

In all other cases, in our social world, we are jealous of someone of the same sex and the reason is –  

What we are jealous of, is us! Just like inspiration takes place when we identify with what the other is, do or have, jealousy is the same. We want what the others have because we are that. That’s where the opportunity comes to convert the negative side of the coin, to the positive.  For me, when I felt jealous it was for girls who sang beautifully, never guys, always girls, when I noticed this pattern, I realized that it is because there is singing in me to express, it shifted dramatically when I started taking voice and singing classes.  The person you are jealous of, represent something you are and that’s when it becomes dangerous.

The great danger of jealousy

The vibration we create with envy is very strong and very negative. Watch what happens to your face, body, and breath when you see this person you feel it towards. This specific vibration create distance and opposition from that person and that’s dangerous for you because, in fact, you are not having this feeling towards the person, but towards what they represent to you. So if you are jealous of someone who has money, now your energy takes you opposite from money. If you are jealous of someone that is energetic, now you are becoming the opposite of the very same thing you actually want to be.   That is why I find it so important to turn these destructive emotions into constructive ones. Inspiration is beautiful! It is one of the most wonderful things that can happen between 2 people, It’s where we lift each other up and support each other’s goals and dreams.

How to get inspired and transform my energy

First of all, don’t feel bad about those feelings, everyone has them, from childhood to adulthood. Recognize the beauty of your jealousy, the stronger it is, the more energy you have, it reveals how much fire you have towards this concept that person represents. Know that you can take this fire to wonderful places and create something you want for yourself.

  1. Identify what this person represents. Identify that if you have all these negative emotions towards it, that means you actually are it, maybe you feel it was lost or forgotten, but it is who you are.                                                                                                  
  2. start calling it by that, instead of the name of that person. If I’m jealous of Gina because she is always so free and light, start saying ‘ i am jealous of freedom and lightness’. When I do that I already feel the transformation, as it feels kind of silly to be jealous of freedom.                                                                                                              
  3. Start using this word you identified as a source of your jealousy, in terms of inspiration. For example: ‘i am inspired by free people’, ‘when someone is free I am happy for them’, ‘I had such a great day, I felt so free’.                                                                           
  4. Make a clear statement to yourself! If one man can do it, so can I!!! realize that it is great that someone has what you want! That only means that it’s achievable. If I want to sell 1 million copies of my book and no one ever did it before, it will be harder for me to picture it, but if I am surrounded by many people who sold 1 millions copies of their books, it makes this reality much more possible.                      
  5. Become close to people who used to be the reason for your envy.  Start complimenting them for what inspires you and ask them how they reached it, the answers might surprise you and most definitely teach you something of value. I know its hard because when you are jealous of someone, it sometimes feels like they are trying to make you jealous, but it might be just the negative vibe your jealousy created between you both. After all most people prefer to feel the energy of inspiration towards them, it is even more flattering and empowering. Make sure to relax and feel comfortable next to this person, breath deep, smile a lot and mention what you identify in step #1.  For example: ‘Gina, you always seem so light and free, it is so nice, was it always like that for you? How did you manage to reach that state of being?’…in your own words.                                                                 
  6. last, surround yourself with more and more people that represent what you want, slowly but surely it will catch on to you. For example, if I want to lose weight and I used to be envious of skinny people, being around overweight people only justify and keep my weight where it is. It’s when i’m around skinny people i start getting the energy of them and my habits and thoughts catch on

do it again and again and slowly it will start to sink in. This might be a fast or slow transformation for you, but it is simple as inspiration and jealousy are very similar energies.

For the ones who feel jealousy towards them (and don’t like it)

I imagine that it is not fun and often hurts to feel jealousy towards you, it might cripple you and silent you. Try to see it as untransformed inspiration and do take it as a compliment! more important, use your strength to empower that person and by doing that you might be giving them a huge gift.

Inspiration is a beautiful concept! I would just love to see more of it and less jealousy.

Love & hugs

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