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When we stop complaining

If you are a person that often complains, you probably think everybody does it, but it is not so, some people understood that this minor daily habit is destructive, negative and may I add annoying.

When we are trying to improve our lives, we sometimes think about grand changes that involved huge efforts, well this post is about stopping this little action called complaining and gaining so much in return.

I often find that complaining is cultural and in some places it is a collective habit, it is almost cool to see the negative in certain things as if it is not cool to like the food, the art or the weather. It seems that some people feel more intelligent when they see the faults as if seeing the world as mostly good is naive, even stupid. I think it is a big miss and a shame, life is challenging enough without adding these little negative anecdotes for the scene of your daily life.

one of the reasons I feel so strongly about this matter is because I see that complaining can be a bad rumor, one with no real justification behind it and that can ruin something good for no good reason. complaining is always a bad review of something and often exist when the complainer is willing to look at their own mistakes or faults. for example, Jo opened a new local cafe in her neighborhood but didn’t take the time to train her workers how to use the coffee machine. and so people might come once, but never return because the coffee is not that good, Jo might start telling that this area is not good for small business, maybe the other cafe’s which survive, has lots of money so they don’t need to earn, or any other imaginary story she can think of. even if one person is affected by that false story, its a shame! Jo can now cause a chain of bad rumors, that might even turn to be the truth only because of that same bad rumor. when we complain we must consider what are we putting down and whether we should take a look at ourselves first.

I think that spreading a good rumor about life is not only personal but also a communal responsibility.

If you can’t change it, don’t complain.

Complaining is not to be confused with passing criticism, or expressing sadness towards something . if you are worried about a certain situation in the world or in your life and express sadness towards it, that is not complaining.

Complaining is when you are annoyed about something that is a reality for you and you express it, usually again and again. It makes you weak and tired, or fired up and angry.

Complaining is finding what is wrong with the situation!

Whether the thing you are mostly complaining about is small or big, it really doesn’t matter, because it does not help you in any way! It just reminds you of what’s wrong. Sometimes it is useful and makes you go out and do something about it, or help others understand that you need a change, but the point is

If you are not going to do something about it and change it, stop complaining about it.

Complaining is like building walls

When you complain about something, you now made it impossible for you to enjoy it. If you complain about a restaurant, you have ruined your experience in it. If you complain about a movie you are watching, now you will not be able to appreciate it etc. By pointing out what is wrong with something, you deprive yourself the option to see what is good about it and it builds high walls between you and the wonderful things you are maybe missing.  The worst thing about it is that what you give energy will only rise around you and you’ll find more of it. Instead, you might develop a habit of looking what is good for a situation and by that you will increase your joy and life experience. There is almost always something good to find in any daily event and the ones who do that benefit.

Life gets better when you stop complaining

  • You will attract good things. When you see the good, you vibrate a fun, light, positive energy and the same comes to you. Vibration is a sound, just like in music certain tunes clash with each other and create disharmony, our vibration is the same, if we vibrate negativity, the joyful events just passes us and we are left in harmony with the annoying situations.
  • Things will happen faster. Our life is a long chain of habits, the next moment is a copy paste version if this moment. So when you are focused on the good, you simply see it quickly when it comes and the more you see it, the more it will come and quicker.
  • You will sleep better. Negative vibration is stressful and is an obstacle to good sleep. Even when you think that it does not affect you, it remains in your body and creates unease.
  • When you stop complaining it is very likely that your skin will get better, negative vibration affects our skin, makes it dry and weak.
  • You will have more energy. living in the ‘what’s wrong’ is depressing and tiring. It might bring you down more often than you know it.
  • You will have more fun! The road between complaining and fun is a long road, so even when you go out, exercise, or do whatever you do for fun, it takes a long road from the negative point you are in. once you eliminate daily basis complaining, the fun point is closer.

STOP COMPLAINING FOR 48 HOURS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. but make sure there are no complaints whatsoever! not about the food, not about the weather, not about the government, your family, your partner, God! 

With love and wish to see 1 million smiles each day.

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