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Life begins at the end of our comfort zone

Anyone who enters a journey of self-discovery, awareness or spirituality, anyone who start investigating how to improve one’s life and grow, any person who picks up a book on how to get rich or succeed in business, is sooner or later bound to encounter this phrase – ‘comfort zone’.

But what is it really, why is it dangerous and how do we learn to grow out of that zone?! Keep on reading!

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Dream & Regrets

Dreams and regrets are two sides of the same coin. fulfilled dreams become a beautiful reality, the ones who follow their dreams, goals, and passions are setting themselves for a magical life, they wake up in the morning with a thrill, they are excited about life and due to their positive disposition, they spread joy and love. Keep on reading!

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We are energy creating machines

What is the connection between mind, intellect, head, and brain?

When we have a thought we naturally point to our head, implying that the thought was created in the brain, which is inside the head.

It was said many times that there is no real proof or evidence that thoughts are happening in the brain, where is our consciousness ? does it have a physical base, an organ from which it is produced like the saliva is produced in our mouth and sperms are produced in the testicles. Keep on reading!

Confidence is not about always feeling beautiful, its about being comfortable to feel ugly and weird.

Confidence is not about always feeling strong, it’s about sometimes being weak and vulnerable.

Confidence is not about always feeling belong, it’s about embracing lonely moments and stay with them, breath in them. Keep on reading!

About one type of freedom