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Conversations with my body

This is a topic I’ve been exploring since an early age. As a teenager I used to play mind games with myself, investigating whether my thoughts can influence the material world around me. I call this chapter in my head – ‘Maya is eating an apple’. the reason for this name is that this was my first little private experiment. Keep on reading!

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I changed, but my partner didn’t

Change is nature. Evolving and changing is one of life’s most beautiful moments, it takes mindfulness, courage, efforts and sometimes tears, but we go through all these so we can reach a better place. I think that a healthy life consists of constant evolution, one can only come when we are willing to search within ourselves and invite awareness. Keep on reading!

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Why good things don’t come easy?!

You are an intelligent person, you have great friends and you are a hard worker, in general life is good. But it always seems that the good things come with a big price, a hard road and often takes a long time. The things you search for like your dream apartment, spouse, workplace etc always take so much work and heartache until found. You might look at other people that have a different experience and say ‘they are just lucky’. Keep on reading!

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vibrating ‘I HAVE’! and the relationship with money

How do you feel about money?

If you have entered this post, there is a good chance that your financial situation is not exactly where you want it to be. Our relationship with money is one of the most important relationships in our lives. Not only it dictates many aspects of the quality of our life, but this relationship is one that makes us feel either safe or unsafe in our world. Keep on reading!

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When we stop complaining

If you are a person that often complains, you probably think everybody does it, but it is not so, some people understood that this minor daily habit is destructive, negative and may I add annoying.

When we are trying to improve our lives, we sometimes think about grand changes that involved huge efforts, well this post is about stopping this little action called complaining and gaining so much in return. Keep on reading!

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Denial VS shaping my reality / changing the past

We tell ourselves stories.

Our whole life experience is built on the stories we told ourselves about ourselves and the circles of our life: family, relationships, career, community. The quality of our life experience will be determined by the quality of those tales, in other words, the way we translate the world we live in will dictate our reality and will echo with every thought, word, and action we take. Keep on reading!

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Why do I attract people I cannot trust?!

If you are the kind of person who is not willing to lie, cheat, steal, spread a bad rumor and yet you attract people who do those things, this post is dedicated to you. If you ever perceived your good values as weakness, keep reading. Surely we mostly attract what we are, but not always, we sometimes attract the opposite and that’s what I’d like to talk about today. Keep on reading!